Author’s Note: “There are persons so exceedingly poor, that they solely have enormous amounts of both money, and pride.”

18 de dezembro de 2017

Author’s Note   Writing this book was an odyssey. I confess that writing a book was not on my bucket list, and suddenly here we are! Now, it is hard…

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The Foreword, by Justice Raul Araújo | O Prefácio, de Autoria do Ministro Raul Araújo |

15 de dezembro de 2017

The Foreword, by Justice Raul Araújo   After sailing the waters of “IT WAS ABOUT HOPE”—which was a great, enlightening and pleasant journey—I proceed to write the Foreword of the…

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The Contents: Here are All 160 Sections of this 765-page Study!

15 de dezembro de 2017

“It Was About Hope: Fact-Based Analytic Research. Untold Stories. And More…” A Unique Foreign Angle | All from Washington D.C.   CONTENTS: Foreword – by Raul Araújo                                                                                                                                  23 Author’s Note                                                                                                                                                              …