Post Trump and NKorean Dictator

The encounter between the “bull” and the “matador” *** O encontro entre o “touro” e o “matador”

13 de março de 2018

The encounter between the “bull” and the “matador” was announced—metaphorically, Kim Jong-un is the former and President Trump is the latter. North Korea and Iran are the two countries in…

Post Blue Origin vs. Spave X

Clash of Titans *** Briga de Titans

8 de março de 2018

There was a subtlety in the signing ceremony today in the WH. When President Trump sympathetically read, and commented on one of Elon Musk’s tweets as an opening to prosecute…


Trump’s Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum *** Tarifas em Aço e Alumínio

2 de março de 2018

Re Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, my take is: The tough talk is the President’s own way to open negotiations; and the threat of protectionism is his economic “big…