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“It Was About Hope: Fact-Based Analytic Research. Untold Stories. And More…”

A Unique Foreign Angle | All from Washington D.C.



Foreword – by Raul Araújo                                                                                                                                  23

Author’s Note                                                                                                                                                               26

Introduction – by the Author                                                                                                                              29


CHAPTER 1: The Birth of the Nation: Pillars of the Foundation                                   32

The Founding Fathers                                                                                                                                               33

The Declaration of Independence                                                                                                                       35

The Articles of Confederation                                                                                                                              37

The Constitution of the United States                                                                                                               38

The U.S. Bill of Rights                                                                                                                                               38

The Legislative Branch                                                                                                                                              43

The Executive Branch                                                                                                                                                 47

The Judicial Branch                                                                                                                                                    54

The Check and Balance System                                                                                                                             57


CHAPTER 2: Some Fundamentals of the Electoral Process                                              58

The Voters                                                                                                                                                                       59

The Parties                                                                                                                                                                       60

One Partisanship-at-a-Time System                                                                                                                      60

Primary Season                                                                                                                                                             65

The National Conventions                                                                                                                                      68

The General Election                                                                                                                                                  70

The Electoral College                                                                                                                                               73

The FECA And The FEC                                                                                                                                               78

Super PACs                                                                                                                                                                      79


CHAPTER 3: The Warm Up, 2015                                                                                                                   80

2015 in Talking Points                                                                                                                                             80

A Brief Overview of The Full Process Ahead                                                                                                  80

Meet Each and Every One of The Candidates                                                                                                  80

Ground Zero: September 8th                                                                                                                                84

The Initial Numbers of The Candidates in The Polls                                                                                   84

Hillary’s Apology and The Private Email Server Controversy                                                             84

Joe Biden’s Candidacy                                                                                                                                                84

Among 17, Three Nonpolitical Candidates Have 53% Combined                                                      84

Never Have I Seen Such an Unfortunate Strategy in My Entire Life                                                   84


CHAPTER 4: The Real Game Begins, 2016                                                                                               95

Donald Trump is smashing the existing order!                                                                                           95

Iowa, the First Primary, February 1st                                                                                                           101

“I support the crazy one”                                                                                                                                     101

“How stupid are the people of Iowa”                                                                                                             101

“It is undermining our political system”                                                                                                      101

“Just remember, there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”  101

“The memorized 25-second speech”                                                                                                                101

“There it is. There it is, everybody”                                                                                                                    101

New Hampshire, February 9th                                                                                                                           106

Justice Antonin Scalia Passes Away                                                                                                                 106

The “Biden Rule”                                                                                                                                                       106

“You are the single biggest liar”                                                                                                                       106

Pope Francis And Donald Trump                                                                                                                     106

Nevada and South Carolina, February 20th, 23rd, and 27th                                                        115

“I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall”                                                                                          115

Amusement; Concern; Fear; and Panic                                                                                                         115

“If I’m president, we’re not going to have people dying on the streets. You can call it whatever you want”              115

“That’s why I closed Guantanamo”                                                                                                               115

Super Tuesday, March 1st                                                                                                                                   126

The Ku Klux Klan                                                                                                                                                      126

The Koch Brothers Allocated US $889 million to Spend on the 2016 Campaign                126

When do politicians quit?                                                                                                                                    126

“I don’t regret it at all… Romney didn’t win”                                                                                          126

“He [Trump] is playing the American public for suckers”                                                                    126

Inspirational example and moral high ground                                                                                       126

Logic does not necessarily rule people’s behavior                                                                                  126

Emotion/Heart Vs. Reason/Brain                                                                                                                     126

“Enough of this trash”                                                                                                                                         126

Trump will be able to have a real global brand                                                                                       126

ABT—Anyone But Trump                                                                                                                                      126

Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Nebraska and Puerto Rico, March 5th and 6th      142

US $ 153.7 million and 729 speeches                                                                                                            142

Nancy Reagan Passes Away                                                                                                                                  142

“Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”                                                                            142

Michael Bloomberg: “The Risk I Will Not Take”                                                                                      142

Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan and Mississippi, March 8th                                                                           146

The Five Super Tuesdays                                                                                                                                          146

“I refuse to answer this question”                                                                                                                   146

“We stop Trump”                                                                                                                                                      146

“I think Islam hates us”                                                                                                                                         146

“My people… I love you all”                                                                                                                                146

Donald J. Trump will become the 45th POTUS                                                                                        146

Washington, D.C. and Wyoming, March 12th                                                                                      157

The Nation’s Capital                                                                                                                                                157

The Cowboy State                                                                                                                                                      157

Guam                                                                                                                                                                               157

Northern Mariana Islands                                                                                                                                  157

Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio, March 15th                                           159

“Vulgar and divisive rhetoric”                                                                                                                          159

“Divider-in-Chief”                                                                                                                                                     159

President Obama’s final State of the Union Address                                                                             159

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee                                                                                          159

A Victory of Wise Endurance Vs. A Defeat Due to Dumb Stubbornness                                       159

“There’s nothing like it: lies, deceit, viciousness, disgusting reporters, horrible people” 159

Arizona and Utah, March 22nd                                                                                                                      169

President Obama in Cuba                                                                                                                                      169

The Firepower of ISIS: Bush 43, Obama, and Hillary Clinton                                                           169

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz Join Forces                                                                                                                  169

The “War of the Wives”                                                                                                                                         169

“Ratfucker”                                                                                                                                                                 169

Washington, March 26th                                                                                                                                  176

Fidel Castro rebukes Barack Obama                                                                                                               176

“$2 Billion Worth of Free Media for Donald Trump”                                                                        176

Over 150 Thousand U.S. Military Personnel Stationed Abroad                                                     176

The U.S. National Debt and the “Penny Plan”                                                                                           176

“I am America First”                                                                                                                                                176

The World’s Policeman                                                                                                                                        176

NATO’s 67th anniversary                                                                                                                                     176

George Clooney’s Fundraiser                                                                                                                            176

Never Answer a Hypothetical                                                                                                                             176

“They can call it a banana, but it’s a treaty”                                                                                               176

27% of Americans have no savings at all                                                                                                    176

North Dakota and Wisconsin, April 5th                                                                                                     189

“Compelling Mexico to Pay for the Wall”                                                                                                 189

“Democracy is not about billionaires buying elections”                                                                      189

“Hillary, get ready, here we come”                                                                                                                 189

Democrats Are Working to Guarantee Trump’s Nomination                                                          189

New York, April 19th                                                                                                                                            193

Sanders Is a Successful Gatecrasher                                                                                                              193

“Gestapo tactics”                                                                                                                                                      193

“Hillary is a murderer”                                                                                                                                         193

“The system is rigged”                                                                                                                                             193

“He has hatred for New York”                                                                                                                          193

“Thou Shalt Not Contradict Black Lives Matter Protesters”                                                          193

“Donald needs to understand he’s not Michael Corleone”                                                             193

“Path of darkness”                                                                                                                                                  193

The Unpredictability Factor                                                                                                                                193

“He brings the Bible, holds it high, puts it down, lies”                                                                         193

“The most powerful political organization in the United States”                                                  193

Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island, April 26th             205

“I am not changing”                                                                                                                                               205

The “Woman Card”                                                                                                                                                 205

“I call her crooked Hillary”                                                                                                                               205

Fiorina Is Cruz’s VP Pick                                                                                                                                        205

“Lucifer in the flesh”                                                                                                                                              205

Mike Pence Vote for Ted Cruz                                                                                                                             205

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner                                                                                                  205

DJT is the Republican Presumptive Nominee: Indiana, May 3rd                                                       219

Ted Cruz Drops Out After a Tremendous Performance                                                                       219

Lecturing The “American people”—An Obnoxious Habit                                                                    219

“He was a war hero because he was captured”                                                                                         219

“This man is a pathological liar”                                                                                                                     219

Trump and the “17 egos”                                                                                                                                     219

“I will say what I want to say”                                                                                                                           219

“I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan’s agenda”                                                                              219

“We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”                    219

“There is nobody that was worse than Bill Clinton with women”                                                219

“There’s a carelessness in terms of managing emails”                                                                          219

West Virginia, May 10th                                                                                                                                      234

Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump’s Rivalry                                                                                                        234

The Prohibition                                                                                                                                                          234

The Impact of The Polls                                                                                                                                         234

“Our campaign is the strongest campaign against Donald Trump”                                             234

“I call him Crazy Bernie”                                                                                                                                       234

A Review of The Amusing-Derogatory Nicknames                                                                                   234

Major Political Development In My Beloved Motherland: Brazil                                                 234

Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, And Marco Rubio                                                                                                       234

“I think I would have been the best president”                                                                                          234

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, And Joe Biden                                                                                       234

One of The Most Important Tasks Of Any Government Is To Foster New Leaders                  234

The Democratic Party Shrinks During Obama’s Presidency                                                               234

“We have 20 people working on Trump”                                                                                                    234

“Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved with Women in Private”                              234

Donald equals Bill, who equals Donald                                                                                                    234

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook: “A platform for all ideas”                                                           234

Oregon, May 17th                                                                                                                                                  248

“Don’t tell Secretary Clinton, she might get nervous”                                                                       248

“Life threats to me and my family”                                                                                                                  248

“If you play with fire, you’re gonna get burned”                                                                                    248

Potential Nominees to the SCOTUS                                                                                                                 248

David Cameron And Donald Trump                                                                                                               248

“Why They Hate Us”                                                                                                                                                 248

“We can’t risk a Donald Trump presidency”                                                                                              248

Billionaire; gorgeous wife; talented kids; great educational background; fearless; celebrity       248

“In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue”                                                                                   248

“He’s an ignorant President”                                                                                                                             248

The Sanders-Trump Debate                                                                                                                                  248

The Inspector General of the Department of State and Hillary Emails                                        248

“Vox populi vox Dei”                                                                                                                                               248

“I find the press to be dishonest. I find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest”   248

Trump University                                                                                                                                                       248

HRC is the Democratic Presumptive Nominee: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and South Dakota, June 7th               269

A Perfect Maneuver                                                                                                                                                 269

The Congressional Gridlock                                                                                                                              269

“Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”                                                             269

“Bill and Hillary Clinton have built an unrivaled global network of donors”                    269

“Too much work, too many people, blood, sweat, and tears”                                                        269

The Ability to Create a Sense of Urgency Is a Key Attribute                                                                  269

In 1872, Victoria Woodhull Was the First Female Candidate for President                           269

“Making Donald Trump our commander-in-chief would be a historic mistake”                  269

President Obama Should Have Supported Someone Not as Controversial as HRC               269

Joe Biden Would Be by Far a Better Democratic Standard-bearer                                                 269


CHAPTER 5: The Month Before the Presumptive Nominees Become the Outright Nominees  289

The Iran Nuclear Deal “Echo Chamber”                                                                                                      289

The Bloodiest Terrorist Attack After 9/11                                                                                                 289

The Primary in Washington, D.C. – June 14th                                                                                           289

The FBI-DOJ Transcript Controversy                                                                                                             289

Corey Lewandowski’s Loyalty to Trump                                                                                                       289

Candidates’ Expenses During the Primaries                                                                                                301

The Economic Struggle in America And Brexit                                                                                        306

The Sharp Inequality in the U.S.                                                                                                                        306

The “Trumpism,” Brexit, and Obama                                                                                                              306

“The Empire on Which the Sun Never Sets”                                                                                                 306

The Citizens Are Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired                                                                          306

The Similarity Between the Dissimilar Sanders and Trump                                                                  306

Hillary, The Donors, Elizabeth Warren, And Trump                                                                            311

“A lot of people tell pollsters they don’t trust me”                                                                              311

The American Economy and Trump                                                                                                                315

China Overtakes United States as World’s No. 1 Economy                                                                315

Take ownership and tell the truth                                                                                                                  315

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch                                                                                                                         315

The FBI, Hillary Clinton, And President Obama                                                                                      321

The FBI Interviews Hillary Clinton In Email Probe                                                                                  321

The FBI Director Contradicts Hillary Clinton In the Capitol Hill                                                  321

The Impressively Fast Pace of a Sequence of Facts                                                                                   321

Four Questions Pop Up into My Mind                                                                                                            321

The Race Issue in the U.S.                                                                                                                                       328

The Shooting of Dallas Police Officers                                                                                                        328

“Let us love not with words or speech, but with actions and in truth.”                                   328

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Campaign Together                                                                    341

If You Plant Dreams, You Harvest Achievements. If You Preach Fantasies, You Garner Deceptions.              341

A SCOTUS Justice Plays Politics                                                                                                                        344

This Whole Thing Leaves a Bitter Taste in Everyone’s Mouth                                                             344

The Two Candidates for Vice President                                                                                                         346

The Republican Mike Pence and The Democrat Tim Kaine                                                                     346

The Boxes That a Vice-Presidential Running Mate Should Check                                                    346

#NeverTrump; #DumpTrump; #FreeTheDelegates                                                                                   346


CHAPTER 6: A Brief View of the National Conventions                                                      352

The Unlimited Creativity of The Unofficial Merchandize                                                                     352

The Republican National Convention                                                                                                            354

“I’M WITH YOU – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.”                                                                                              354

Folkloric Episodes of Plagiarism in American Politics                                                                         354

Barack Obama is “Just Words and No Substance”                                                                                 354

The Democratic National Convention                                                                                                           365

“She’s the best darn change-maker I’ve ever met in my entire life.”                                                365

“Help End Establishment Politics, Vote No on Hillary.”                                                                     365

The Democratic National Committee email leak                                                                                       365


CHAPTER 7: The General Election                                                                                                           377

The Road to 270 Kicks Off – August 1st                                                                                                       377

Playing-By-The-Textbook vs. Nobody-Knows-What’s-Next                                                                377

US $ 400 Million In Cash to Iran – A Wicked Fact                                                                                  383

“A word is the shadow of an action”                                                                                                            383

Trump’s Economic Agenda                                                                                                                                 387

“[Trump would be] the most reckless President in American history”                                         387

Intelligence Briefings                                                                                                                                             391

Obama, “The founder of ISIS”                                                                                                                           393

Hillary’s Economic Agenda                                                                                                                                396

“In Search of Hillary”                                                                                                                                            396

Pay-to-Play Allegations Begin                                                                                                                          399

The Clintons’ Tax Return                                                                                                                                      399

“Make America Safe Again”                                                                                                                                402

Communication Strategy                                                                                                                                     404

Trump Campaign Shake-up                                                                                                                                  404

“Let Trump Be Trump”                                                                                                                                           404

“Don’t Change Horses in The Middle Of The Stream”                                                                           404

Kellyane Conway Will Be the Image And Voice Of Trump’s Campaign                                         404

“Clinton Campaign Now Outspending Trump on Ads – $52 Million to 0”                               404

Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire                                                                                                                     404

“What the Hell Do You Have to Lose?”                                                                                                        408

Barack Obama On Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard                                                                                  408

An Historical Flood in Louisiana                                                                                                                      408

“I Will Always Tell You the Truth”                                                                                                                 408

“She [Hillary] Is Against the Police”                                                                                                               408

America Is on the Wrong Track, 67% Says                                                                                                413

Malik (Barack Obama’s brother) Supports Trump                                                                                 413

I Humbly Consign Two Advices to Our Major Nominees                                                                    415

The U.S.A. and the Roman Empire                                                                                                                    415

Just “Follow the Money”                                                                                                                                     415

“Because No One Is Above the Law!”                                                                                                              415

“The FBI found 15,000 emails Hillary Clinton didn’t turn over. Uh oh.”                               415

The Access and Concessions Granted by Donating to The Clintons Is Hard to Deny            415

The Election Beyond the Presidential Race                                                                                                  421

The Obama Style                                                                                                                                                        424

“All Cretans are liars”                                                                                                                                           424

“The Pinocchio Paradox”                                                                                                                                    424

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it” 424

Hillary: “Trump Has Built His Campaign on Prejudice and Paranoia”                                        427

Trump Is Giving Democrats a Taste of The Same Poison                                                                       427

“There is no compassion in tolerating crime”                                                                                           427

“And I’m not making this up”                                                                                                                            427

The Very Heart of The Heart of Candidates’ Message                                                                           432

Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise                                                                                                                          432

The “Elite Immunity”                                                                                                                                               432

Holding The “Stop Sign”                                                                                                                                      432

Immigration Policies                                                                                                                                               435

66% Consider Hillary Dishonest                                                                                                                      435

Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965                                                                                                  435

Espionage Act of 1917                                                                                                                                           435

Hillary is “sleeping on the job!”                                                                                                                        435

Impeachment in My Motherland                                                                                                                      435

President Enrique Peña Nieto And Donald Trump                                                                                  435

The Group of Twenty                                                                                                                                              435

Trump Stumps All Over While Hillary Seats on Her Lead                                                                  444

Hillary Clinton’s Interview with the FBI                                                                                                      445

The “Oh-shit” Moment                                                                                                                                           445

Destroying Devices By “breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer”                     445

The Lack of Memory, “Mrs. Amnesia!”                                                                                                      445

African-American Outreach                                                                                                                              447

“A Civil-rights Agenda for Our Time”                                                                                                            447

A Taste of How the Electorate Sees Hillary and Trump                                                                       448

Hillary’s News Conference After 275 Days                                                                                                 448

Barbed Wire Causes Deterioration Based on The Time in The Wire                                                  448

“Trump Force One” and “Hill Force One”                                                                                                  448

A Picture 60 Days Before the Election Day                                                                                                 451

The Commander-In-Chief                                                                                                                                      453

Hillary: “The Basket of Deplorables”                                                                                                            457

The Early Vote and Voter ID Laws                                                                                                                  460

The Brazilian Biometrics-based Voting Machines                                                                                     460

9/11: 15 Years Later                                                                                                                                              463

400 Thousand People to Be Affected by Disease Linked to the 9/11 Attacks                             463

The Wall Street                                                                                                                                                          466

Why is New York City the Financial Capital of the World?                                                                466

“If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”                                                                                            466

Financial Industries’ Donations So Far: HRC, US $ 47 Million; DJT, US $ 345,000            466

Obama: “Love Trumps Hate”                                                                                                                               470

Vladimir Putin is unequivocally “Donald Trump’s role model”                                                    470

Insinuations Work Well in Pushing Emotional Buttons                                                                    470

Head Scratching Moment                                                                                                                                    470

What the Fuck Moment                                                                                                                                        470

Message Consolidating Moment                                                                                                                      470

Rewarding Harvest Moment                                                                                                                              470

“Don’t boo, vote!”                                                                                                                                                  470

Trump: “The White House Will Become the People’s House”                                                            473

“Simple test: does it create more jobs and better wages for Americans?”                                  473

Getting A Message Across                                                                                                                                   475

The Fear of Losing Cripples the Combatant                                                                                                475

Obama’s Rhetoric Was Hope; Hillary’s Is Demonizing the Opponent                                            475

“I feel good, I knew that I would now”                                                                                                       475

“Trump is a National disgrace”                                                                                                                         478

General Colin Luther Powell                                                                                                                            478

The Trust in The Media                                                                                                                                           480

“A few years ago, this guy [Obama] would have been getting us coffee”                                    480

Clinton-Obama Sharp Jabs                                                                                                                                  480

Obama: It Is “An Insult to My Legacy”                                                                                                         483

Obama Has Endorsed Someone from The Past to Carry His Baton to The Future                  483

Bill Clinton’s Bash, Barbara Streisand, US $ 250 Thousands Admission                                  483

“A War of Narratives”                                                                                                                                          486

A Crucial Similarity and A Sharp Distinction Between HRC and DJT                                             486

Obama, Hillary, And the Daylight Between Speech and Action                                                        486

From A Fight for One-upmanship to The Invective Card                                                                      486

Hillary Will Outspend Trump in US $ 270 Million In Advertisement                                           486

858 Persons Ordered Deported Are Granted Citizenship Instead                                                  492

The First Presidential Debate, September 26th                                                                                          494

Lessons from Sun Tzu, JFK, and Reagan                                                                                                       494

Mark Cuban and Trump’s Rivalry                                                                                                                    494

The Debate’s Aftermath                                                                                                                                         508

Adolf Hitler, Richard Nixon, and JFK                                                                                                           508

Hillary and the Hubris                                                                                                                                           508

Saturday Night Live’s Hilarious Sketch                                                                                                         508

“It’s Not What Happens to You, But How You React to It That Matters”                                  508

“The Worst in People”                                                                                                                                           514

Do You Live in Secrecy, Falsehood, Or Truth?                                                                                          514

7% Of American Voters Have Lost or Ended a Friendship Due to the Election                         514

“Old Foes Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Team Up to Woo the Kids”                                514

The Media Support                                                                                                                                                   516

“Major Newspaper Endorsements:” HRC Has 16; DJT Has Zero                                                      516

An Electorate “Between A Rock and A Hard Place”                                                                             518

Where Are the Fresh Leaders?                                                                                                                            518

“I’m incredibly frustrated with myself… I have to get smarter”                                                     518

“The King Can Do No Wrong”                                                                                                                          521

“The FBI was handing out immunity agreements like candy”                                                            521

The Congress Thunderously Greets the Lame Duck President                                                          521

JASTA Shrinks the Purview of The Legal Principle Of The Sovereign Immunity                       521

The Message and The Messenger                                                                                                                      523

Trump “Could Have Avoided Federal Income Taxes for 18 Years”                                                523

The insinuation is made. The case is made. The damage is made.                                                        523

The Vice-Presidential Debate, October 4th                                                                                                  526

A Lecture on How to Deflect and Pivot; Dodge and Move On!                                                       526

The Aftermath of The VP Debate                                                                                                                      529

Donald Trump’s Way of Being and Mike Pence’s Way of Being                                                       529

Total Devastation                                                                                                                                                     530

Robert De Niro Uses Incendiary Language                                                                                                  530

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Statement                                                                                                           530

“You need both a public and a private position”                                                                                      530

“Bucket of Losers” And “Grab Them by the P—y”                                                                                   530

“Laws are like sausages. It’s better not to see them being made.”                                                   530

That “forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs”                                                                                   530

Trump Appears with Former Accusers of The Clintons                                                                        530

Donald Trump Is A movement Himself                                                                                                          530

The Second Presidential Debate, October 9th                                                                                           537

Abraham Lincoln and Dirty Political Tricks                                                                                              537

Innuendo May Lead to Unimaginably Detrimental Ripple Effect                                                     537

The Speakers’ Essential Tasks in Town Hall Meetings                                                                             537

A Significant Dose of Insanity in The Air                                                                                                        537

Trump Is the “Elephant in The Room”                                                                                                            537

“We all fall short of the glory of God”                                                                                                     537

The GOP Civil War and The Democratic Sailors                                                                                       544

“The Shackles Have Been Taken Off Me”                                                                                                       544

The Millennials Have to See Hillary As a More Palatable Person                                                    544

The Magic Wand Which Can Immediately Cure All Disagreements                                               544

Unmasking Hillary Clinton and Her Relationship with the Media                                                546

It Is All Theater                                                                                                                                                          546

A Flawed Nominee, And the Lack of Both Identity and Inspirational Message                        546

The Clintons Never Forget the Ones Who Refuse to Do What They Ask                                      546

A Sample of What It Means to Be the Establishment Candidate                                                       546

The Russian Connection: If Nothing Else, a Convenient Red Herring                                           551

Attack, Deny, Confuse                                                                                                                                            551

We Have to Take Barack Obama At His Word                                                                                            551

Russia And China Are the Two Main Enemies-in-truce Of the U.S.                                                   551

“Total Meltdown”                                                                                                                                                  553

“The Media Is an Extension of The Democratic Party”                                                                          553

Nine Women Emerge with Different Stories Accusing DJT                                                                 553

Embrace Playfulness and All Cultural Manifestations                                                                     556

“Republican nominee Donald Trump” vs. “President Hillary Clinton”                                      556

Hillary Clinton’s Light Public Schedule                                                                                                      557

Hillary Kills Three Birds with One Stone                                                                                                      557

Top Secret, Secret, or Confidential                                                                                                                 559

Institutional Maneuvers to Protect Hillary                                                                                              559

We Must Have the Guts to Ask Hard Questions                                                                                        559

Hillary “Doesn’t Seem to Know What Planet We Are All Living On”                                         563

“Needy Latinos and 1 easy call”                                                                                                                        563

“Doofus Bernie”                                                                                                                                                        563

Scream “Trump is a Nazi” and “Get Some of These Assholes to Pop Off”                                   565

“We have mentally ill people, that we pay to do shit”                                                                          565

“Over the last twenty years, I’ve paid off a few homeless guys to do some crazy stuff”     565

The “Double Blind” for Them to “Plausibly Deny”                                                                                 565

The Level of Cynicism Has Skyrocketed                                                                                                          565

“How do you square it? You can’t. One is real, the other is made up.”                                       565

Good-Hearted Americans                                                                                                                                    570

“Trust, but verify”                                                                                                                                                    570

A Cornerstone of Democracy                                                                                                                            570

“Nazi Republicans Leave Town or Else”                                                                                                         570

“This Merits a Serious Criminal Investigation”                                                                                         570

“The way up and the way down are one and the same”                                                                        570

Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump                                                                                                                  573

A 100% of 100% strategy                                                                                                                                    573

“Drain the Swamp”                                                                                                                                                  573

“Ethics Reforms to Make Our Government Honest Once Again”                                                   573

The Third and Final Presidential Debate, October 19th                                                                       577

The 10 Most Watched Presidential Debates Since 1976                                                                      577

What is Hillary’s Persona? What is Trump’s Persona?                                                                        577

Dishonesty vs. Unfitness                                                                                                                                        577

The Nuclear Codes                                                                                                                                                   577

“I will look at it at the time”                                                                                                                               577

To Accept or Not Accept the Results of an Election                                                                              585

2.6 Million Persons are Registered to Vote in 2 Different States                                                    585

1.8 Million No Longer Living Persons are Registered on Voter Rolls                                         585

“Honesty may not be the best policy, but it is worth trying once in a while”                             585

“Donald Trump is Assaulting Our Democracy”                                                                                      585

“Stop Whining and Go Try to Make [your] Case to Get Votes”                                                         585

The Al Smith Dinner 2016                                                                                                                                   589

“I Took a Break from My Rigorous Nap Schedule to Be Here”                                                         589

“Modesty is Perhaps My Best Quality. Even Better Than My Temperament”                               589

The Gettysburg Address                                                                                                                                       592

Abraham Lincoln’s 273 Historic Words                                                                                                     592

“Donald Trump’s Contract with The American Voter”                                                                       592

“A Very Big and Historic Win for Hillary Clinton”                                                                              596

“No Time for Wimps and Wusses”                                                                                                                   596

“Well, @realDonaldTrump, at Least I Will Go Down as a President”                                       596

“I Don’t Even Think About Responding to Him Anymore”                                                                  596

Obamacare Is “The Craziest Thing in The World”                                                                                    598

A Zoom in On President Obama’s Signature Policy                                                                                 598

From Protecting Obama’s Legacy to Seizing the Winds of Change                                                598

“We Need to Clean This Up”                                                                                                                                601

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton Finally Stump Together                                                         601

“If You Can’t Run Your Own House You Certainly Can’t Run the White House”                   601

“When I was young and irresponsible, I was young and irresponsible”                                     601

The Use of Marijuana and A Few Presidents                                                                                               601

Pursuing the Vital High Turnout                                                                                                                    601

“I Wish… I Could Take Him Behind the Gym”                                                                                             601

A U.S. Vice President Dueling to the Death                                                                                                 601

The FBI Director’s Atomic Bomb                                                                                                                      606

Roughly 20 Million Votes Have Been Cast Already                                                                                606

Disregard the Stench, Hold Your Nose, and Vote for Hillary Clinton                                       606

“I Have the Stamina to Be President and Commander-In-Chief”                                                      606

Michelle Obama’s Candidacy                                                                                                                              606

The Art of Playing to the Gallery                                                                                                                     606

The Atomic Bomb and the Unrelated Case                                                                                                  611

“Mini Hillary” and Hillary Clinton                                                                                                                 611

“When You’re Fresh Meat, Kill, and Throw Something Fresher”                                                  611

“All Fool’s Day”                                                                                                                                                       613

The Mighty James Comey                                                                                                                                       613

From Very Wise to Entirely Foolish                                                                                                                 613

The Senate Leader and the FBI Director                                                                                                        613

From “Wonderful” to “Disturbing” in the Blink of an Eye                                                               613

A Disheartening/Demoralizing Episode is Conveniently Overlooked                                            613

“October Surprise”                                                                                                                                                  616

The Political World Looks to the FBI                                                                                                            616

A Strategic Move Common in Political Disputes                                                                                      616

The Right Man for the Right Job                                                                                                                      616

An Unnecessary Mistake                                                                                                                                        616


CHAPTER 8: The Week in Prior to the Election                                                                              619

November 1st                                                                                                                                                              619

The Colossal-Suicidal Dose                                                                                                                                 619

Trump Has the Momentum                                                                                                                                  619

Hillary Has Already Raised Over US $1 billion                                                                                          619

“Tracking the 2016 Presidential Money Race”                                                                                         619

The Positive Feedback Loop at the Right Moment                                                                                    619

A Bacterium, a Deadly Disease, and Generations to Heal                                                                     619

November 2nd                                                                                                                                                            626

Patience and Memory                                                                                                                                             626

Direction and Pace                                                                                                                                                   626

An “Honest Mistake”                                                                                                                                               626

“We Don’t Operate on Innuendo”                                                                                                                  626

“No Sidetracks, Donald. Nice and Easy”                                                                                                      626

The FBI Investigates Hillary in Two Distinct Probes                                                                                626

President Obama and a Pardon to Hillary                                                                                                  626

A Sample of the Turnout                                                                                                                                      626

“Heads Up”                                                                                                                                                                   626

November 3rd                                                                                                                                                            632

The Phone Calls that Changed History                                                                                                         632

The Ku Klux Klan and the Democratic Party                                                                                             632

Melania’s Contract with American Women                                                                                               632

“This is a white man’s country. Let white men rule.”                                                                             632

Batter Trump and Scare Americans                                                                                                                632

“Invisible Empire of the South”                                                                                                                         632

An Abstruse Enemy                                                                                                                                                   632

November 4th                                                                                                                                                             638

“Has she been dishonest about things? Sure. Have you?”                                                                   638

The Stock Market in the Weeks Before Presidential Elections                                                           638

The Final Economic Snapshot Ahead of Election Day                                                                            638

Roughly 60 Electoral Votes are Up for Grabs                                                                                         638

The Core Power of Trump’s Candidacy                                                                                                         638

November 5th                                                                                                                                                             642

The Democratic “Bread and Circuses”                                                                                                          642

From Kings and Queens, to Pawns and Fanatics                                                                                     642

Trump is Rushed Off Stage by the Secret Service                                                                                       642

The “Basics” and the Not-So-Basics                                                                                                                 642

November 6th                                                                                                                                                             647

This Test of Our Nerves Will Go Down to the Wire Indeed                                                                647

The Political World Looks to the FBI—Again                                                                                          647

“No Complacency This Time. Get Out There”                                                                                              647

November 7th                                                                                                                                                             650

The Final Predictions                                                                                                                                              650

The Classic Midnight Rallies                                                                                                                               650

The Midnight Voting Tradition                                                                                                                         650

Hillary’s and Trump’s Closing Arguments                                                                                                 650

The Obamas and the Clintons All Together                                                                                                650

The Zone of Miscegenation and Mutation in the Policies                                                                    650


CHAPTER 9: Election Day                                                                                                                                656

“D-Day” Has Finally Arrived                                                                                                                              656

47.0 Million Ballots Already Cast                                                                                                                  656

The Voting-Eligible Population is 231.5 Million                                                                                     656

7.5 Billion People Watching and A Solitary Endeavor                                                                        656

From a 20% Chance of Winning to > 95% in Four Hours                                                                  656

President-Elect Donald Trump and the “Urbi et Orbi” Address                                                      661

DJT is the “de facto” Leader of a Tsunami-Movement                                                                           661

“She [Hillary] is not done yet!”                                                                                                                          661


CHAPTER 10: Trump Takes Over America and Perplexes the World                        664

A Realigning Election                                                                                                                                             664

The 70-Year-Old Teenager After a 511-Day Run                                                                                      664

Some Reasons Why Donald Trump Was Elected the 45th POTUS                                                  664

The Self-Evident Unexpected Result and A Million-Piece Puzzle                                                      664

Everything Now is about One Presidency and One Country                                                               664

Democrats, Media, Pundits, and Pollsters’ Hangover                                                                        664

In 1991 Bill Clinton Proposed to “Make America Great Again”                                                    664

“There is No Substitute for Victory”                                                                                                               664

Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech                                                                                                             671

President Barack Obama’s Message                                                                                                                673

Some Results and Some Takeaways                                                                                                                 675

Electoral Votes: Trump/Pence 306 vs. 232 Hillary/Kaine                                                                 675

Popular Votes: Trump/Pence 62,955,202 vs. 65,794,399 Hillary/Kaine                                675

Why is it Entirely Irrelevant to Acquire the Most Popular Votes Nationwide?                       675

28 Years of the White House Backing Hillary                                                                                            675

“Not Everything is Supposed to Be Inspiring”                                                                                            675

Hillary Clinton: The Most Convenient Successor for Obama                                                           675

The “Blue Wall” Collapsed Due to the ‘Tsunami-Movement’                                                           675

The Presidential Election is Actually 51 Different Ones                                                                       675

The Democratic Party Needs an Autopsy                                                                                                      675

Thou Shalt Take Donald Trump Seriously                                                                                                  675

What is the Establishment After All?                                                                                                             675


CHAPTER 11: During the Obama-Trump Transition                                                               679

Donald Trump and Barack Obama Face-to-Face for the 1st Time Ever                                        679

America with Two Presidents                                                                                                                             679

The President-Elect Meets with Leaders of the Congress                                                                     679

Some of the Reactions on the Stock Market                                                                                               679

Hillary’s Pardon, Anyway                                                                                                                                    679

The 100-Day Agenda                                                                                                                                               679

“Not Our President”                                                                                                                                               684

From “Basket of Deplorables” to “Worthless Piece of Trash”                                                        684

The Steps of the Electoral College Still Ahead                                                                                         684

The President-Designate                                                                                                                                        684

Hillary: The “MADAM PRESIDENT”                                                                                                              686

Trump: The “LOSER”                                                                                                                                               686

The New York Times Issues a Mea Culpa                                                                                                         686

The World No Longer Permits Gullible Individuals                                                                             686

“The Beauty, ‘Or The Ugliness,’ is in the Eye of the Beholder”                                                           686

Presidents and Vice Presidents Exchange Glances                                                                                  689

VP-Elect Mike Pence’s New Key Role                                                                                                                689

14 of the 44 POTUS Formerly Served as VP                                                                                               689

1,212 Posts Require FBI Clearance and U.S. Senate Confirmation                                               689

Beginning to Assemble the New Government                                                                                            689

The Gatekeeper Reince Priebus and the Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon                                    689

The President Who Both Preceded and Succeeded His Predecessor                                              689

Nixon, Ford and Rockefeller                                                                                                                             689

The Turning Point in Trump’s Intention to Seek the Presidency                                                      692

The President lost, but the Man won—at least I hope so!                                                                  692

Barack Obama’s Very First Press Conference Post-Election                                                              692

Donald Trump Put US $66.1 Million of His Money into the Race                                                 692

Barack Obama’s Legacy: “Seven Deadly” Signs                                                                                        694

Numbers Both Tell Stories and Help to Correct Our Course                                                           694

“If You Live By Executive Order, You Die By Executive Order”                                                           694

“Welcome to the Dawn of a New Unified Republican Government”                                            694

The Democratic “Smallest Congressional Minority Since 1929”                                                   694

The Highest-Ranking Female Politician in American History                                                              694

Chronological Maturity and Refreshing Youth                                                                                     694

Why Would Donald Trump Do That?                                                                                                          694

The Leaders in the U.S. Congress                                                                                                                      694

The Inner Circles of Power                                                                                                                                  700

Lifetime and Five-Year Bans                                                                                                                                  700

Trump’s Attorney General, CIA Director, and National Security Advisor                                 700

Barack Obama in Two Phrases: Presumptuous and Pretty Smart                                                 703

Obama’s Posture in His Post-Presidency                                                                                                       703

Who Are the “We:” “Oré” or “Iandé?”                                                                                                         703

Obama’s Bitter International Victory Lap                                                                                                   703

President George W. Bush’s Exemplary Behavior                                                                                   703

53% of Americans Believe President Trump Will Do a Good Job                                                   706

The National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation                                                                                     706

The Presidential Medal of Freedom                                                                                                                706

Educated Guesses about Future Presidential Nominees                                                                       708

The Unnoticed Pillar of The Political Side of Trump’s Administration                                       708

December 2016                                                                                                                                                          710

The National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony                                                                                     710

Trump Intervenes When He Finds It Necessary                                                                                          710

High Popularity: Blessing or Curse?                                                                                                              710

Trump’s “Thank You Tour”                                                                                                                                 710

“We are going to appoint ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis as our Secretary of Defense… Don’t tell anybody”  710

The Harvard Institute of Politics Forum                                                                                                     713

“No One Steals the Presidency of the United States”                                                                             713

Democrats and Greens Join Forces to Push for Recounts                                                                 713

The First Ever Successful Presidential Run Managed by A Woman                                                713

Conflict of Interest Rules and the Presidency                                                                                          715

Trump’s Administration Will Be Under the Microscope 24/7                                                         715

The Unconventional President-Elect Keeps Heads Spinning                                                               715

The New US $4 billion 747 Air Force One                                                                                                    715

A President-Elect Living in the Big Apple                                                                                                       715

Secretary Dr. Ben Carson                                                                                                                                     715

Playing the Blame Game Comforts Weak Souls                                                                                      717

The Transition is Not So Gracious Anymore                                                                                               717

The U.S. Ambassador to the World Will Be Rex Tillerson                                                                 717

Attempting to Sway the Electoral College                                                                                                 717

The Russian Connection: If Nothing Else, a Convenient Excuse                                                       717

The Day Donald Trump Was Really Elected the 45th President                                                     720

The Meeting of Electors                                                                                                                                        720

The Electoral College Might Not Be So Unfair                                                                                        721

“He’s Not President for Four and A Half Weeks. Next Idea?”                                                          721

“Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump for a Third Term”                                                  723

“I say NO WAY!”                                                                                                                                                        723

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, Who Outsmarts Who?                                                             724

“As to the U.N., Things Will Be Different After Jan. 20th.”                                                              724

My Own Season’s Greetings to All People and Families of the World!                                       724

January 2017                                                                                                                                                             726

The 115th U.S. Congress                                                                                                                                      726

A Private War Between Obama and Trump                                                                                                 726

“Head Clown Chuck Schumer”                                                                                                                        726

The Electoral College Reaches Its Apex                                                                                                        729

The Joint Session of Congress                                                                                                                            729

“God Save The Queen”                                                                                                                                            729


CHAPTER 12: The Inauguration of Donald J. Trump                                                             731

The Atmosphere in the Days Before                                                                                                                 731

“A Momentous Day Before a Historic Day”                                                                                               732

The “Wreath-Laying Ceremony” and Some Inaugural Festivities                                                    732

A Roughly US $300 Million Inauguration                                                                                                732

Donald John Trump Swears In                                                                                                                         734

The Handwritten Letter Obama Left for Trump                                                                                       734


CHAPTER 13: A Viable Utopian Proposal, a Contemplation, and a Message 742

“Can’t We All Just Get Along?”                                                                                                                      742

What Ennobles Us is Not Only Fighting the Good Fight, But Also Refusing to Fight a Meaningless Fight 742

Our Unanimous Underlying Mission on Earth is to Sincerely Attempt Our Best to Bring the Era of the Perfect Kingdom Forward                  742

A Snapshot of Our Contemporary Society                                                                                                  742

What is Our Contribution to the Human Spirit?                                                                                     742


CHAPTER 14: Closing Remarks                                                                                                                  749

What Actually Happened                                                                                                                                    749

It Was About Hope                                                                                                                                                   749

An Epic Saga of Struggle and Temporary Triumph                                                                                749

The Four Key Factors in Hillary’s Defeat                                                                                                      749

The Six Key Factors in Trump’s Win                                                                                                                 749

The Tripod                                                                                                                                                                     749

Either a “Bucket of Losers” or a “Basket of Deplorables” — “Irredeemable”                         749

To Take the “Blue Pill” or the “Red Pill,” That Was the Question                                                  749

About the 45th President of the United States                                                                                         759

The Ideology-Free, Pragmatic, Results-Driven Individual                                                                  759

13 Letters. 13 Colonies. Out of Many Nations, One.                                                                             759

Where I Stand on the Democratic-Republican-Independent Spectrum                                       762

My Very Final Words                                                                                                                                            763


References                                                                                                                                                                764


About the Author                                                                                                                                              765