The encounter between the “bull” and the “matador” *** O encontro entre o “touro” e o “matador”

The encounter between the “bull” and the “matador” was announced—metaphorically, Kim Jong-un is the former and President Trump is the latter. North Korea and Iran are the two countries in the world that are most explicit about their anti-American sentiments, and Russia and China are the two main enemies-in-truce of the U.S. Coincidently, Russia and […]

Trump’s Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum *** Tarifas em Aço e Alumínio

Re Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum, my take is: The tough talk is the President’s own way to open negotiations; and the threat of protectionism is his economic “big stick.” Thus, the latter Trump got from TR; and the former is inherent to his nature—he appreciates to keep other people’s heads spinning! *** Sobre […]