Author’s Note: “There are persons so exceedingly poor, that they solely have enormous amounts of both money, and pride.”

Author’s Note   Writing this book was an odyssey. I confess that writing a book was not on my bucket list, and suddenly here we are! Now, it is hard for me to pinpoint the accurate adjective to describe how good this journey was, so I will spare myself the task. One certainty is that […]

The Foreword, by Justice Raul Araújo | O Prefácio, de Autoria do Ministro Raul Araújo |

The Foreword, by Justice Raul Araújo   After sailing the waters of “IT WAS ABOUT HOPE”—which was a great, enlightening and pleasant journey—I proceed to write the Foreword of the book, complying with the gentle and honorable invitation with which I was distinguished by the author EDUARDO DIOGO. I first met EDUARDO in the beginning […]

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“It Was About Hope: Fact-Based Analytic Research. Untold Stories. And More…” A Unique Foreign Angle | All from Washington D.C.   CONTENTS: Foreword – by Raul Araújo                                                                                                                                  23 Author’s Note                                                                                                                                                               26 Introduction – by the Author                                                                                                                              29   CHAPTER 1: The Birth of the Nation: Pillars of the Foundation                                   32 The Founding Fathers                                                                                                                                               33 The Declaration […]