Library of Congress, Washington D.C.: “Enter to grow in wisdom.” *** Biblioteca do Congresso, Washington EUA: “Entre para crescer em sabedoria.”

  “One of the most iconic and impressive structures in Washington D.C., the Library of Congress contains a staggering 120 million items, including 22 million books plus manuscripts, maps, photographs, films and prints. But don’t expect to see many books: Most are shelved on more than 500 miles of closed library stacks housed in the […]

What is Going to be our Individual Contribution to the Improvement of the Human Spirit in 2018?!?

Sadly, there are persons so exceedingly poor, that they solely have enormous amounts of both money and pride… However, “after the dust of centuries has passed over our cities… We will be remembered… For our contribution to the human spirit.” Thus, what is going to be our individual contribution to the improvement of the human […]